The Music Ecosystem by Constellation Ukraine

Екосистема Сузір’я Україна

The Music project is a creative Ecosystem that brings together singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, teachers and students, beginners and pros, music lovers, future stars and fans.

Artists join Ecosystem directly and also (more interestingly!) through the competition.

At the competition, Ecosystem will see and listen to who you are today. Asks who you want to be tomorrow. You will receive friendly judgment, professional advice, word and deed support.

Ecosystem will always help you. Ecosystem will always advertise you. Here you can easily grow from beginner to professional, superstar and millionaire.

The ecosystem will evolve with you. This is where the most appreciative audience for the artist will be. This is where the most dedicated fans of the stars will be.

The door is open. Come in, welcome!

Every talent has to become a star. Every star is important for Ukraine and the world.

This is the Music by Constellation Ukraine.

Увага! Дуже цікавий курс підвищення кваліфікації вчителів: "Музична освіта і музична індустрія: Україна, Європа, світ" ↓

Музична індустрія

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Збирай свою аудиторію, своїх фанатів, створюй свій фандом!

AdverMAN Music Star

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