Anhelina Kydora

Anhelina Kydora

Anhelina Kydora, 19 y.o., Bratislava, Slovakia
Ballade 4, op. 52 (f mol) (F. Chopin), piano
Teacher doc. Mgr. art. František Pergler. ArtD.
New York Starlights talent contest | Season 2
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Ballade 4, op. 52 (f mol)

Ballade 4, op. 52 (f mol) (F. Chopin)
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New York Starlights is an international multi-genre online competition of singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, composers, conductors, accompanists, dancers, choreographers, acrobats, actors, directors, clipmakers, journalists, artists, designers, masters of arts and crafts.
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